Cabinet FAQ

How may we help you? At Pius we are always willing to help, which is why we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions regarding our cabinetry assembly, delivery and installation. Get your answer quickly by searching the questions below.

Q: Do you have a size sheet?

Yes! A link to our size guide is here.

Although this may not reflect the availability across all sizes, this gives you an approximation of what we do have. However, it’s always better to work with a designer if you are unsure of what cabinet configurations would work best.

Q: How do I get a bid for cabinetry?

A: We suggest that customers stop by any of our showroom locations and take a look at our cabinet and stone inventory styles/selection. If you would like to receive an estimate you can either email the following information to or give it to us when you visit our showroom. Please note all of the following:

  • Remodel measurements (include the centerline for any plumbing/ductwork, placement of electrical sockets, the width of any obstructions or pass-throughs such as windows and doors as well as their relative placement, ceiling height, existing appliances)
  • Appliance specs if you are replacing your current appliances
  • Pictures to note of any existing soffits, appliance placement, etc.

Your current layout is not necessary, but it’s definitely helpful and a list of the changes you want is also helpful to move the process along.

Q: Are your cabinets in-stock?

A: Yes, our standard sized cabinetry is available in-stock at our warehouse.  We typically have a lead-time for assembly of 1-2 weeks (the cabinets come and are stored flat-packed), customers may pick them up unassembled for a 10% additional discount on the cabinet subtotal.

Q: Do you offer design assistance?

A: Yes, our professional sales associates will help create a layout that will work best for you and your remodel. We offer 3-D design renderings as well so you can see exactly what your remodel will look like once finished.

Q: How long will it take to get my cabinets after I place my order?

A: Assembly for cabinetry will usually take about 2 weeks however this lead time may change depending on volume of orders. Unassembled cabinetry can typically be picked-up same day however, for large orders additional wait time may be needed.

Q: Do you offer custom cabinetry options?

A: At Pius we offer standard semi-custom size cabinetry for our customers that we carry in-stock at our two warehouse locations. We can accommodate some modifications to cabinetry such as, depth changes for wall and base cabinets, cutting off toe-kicks so cabinet will appear to be floating, modifying wall cabinets to open horizontally however, cabinets may be subject to limitations. One of our knowledgeable sales associate will be able to answer any modification questions not covered here.

Q: How do I adjust my doors/drawers?

A: We have a complementary door and drawer adjustment guide located in your purchasing packet as well as in the care and maintenance tab that will walk you through drawer/door adjustments.  

Q: Do you have recommendations for touch-ups?

A: We do have a touch-up guide with recommended stains and paints for touch ups. Please see the care and maintenance tab for more information.

Q: How do I clean and care for my cabinetry?

A: Please see the care and maintenance section of this website for more information on how to care for your new cabinets.

Q: Do you offer a warranty on your cabinetry?

A: We do not offer warranties on any of our products with the exception of our Blum tracks.

Q: Are the cabinets finished on the inside?

A: For most of our non-builder series cabinetry lines, the cabinets are finished on the exterior and interior with a thin plywood veneer that is akin to the cabinet door color; we sell side panels and doors for clients wishing to get an exact match. For our builder series cabinetry lines and flat panel cabinetry line, the cabinets interiors feature a neutral clear maple veneer finish, which helps signal to users of its plywood construction.

Q: What are your cabinet depths?

A: Our standard kitchen base cabinet depth is 24” and our standard upper cabinet has a depth of 12”. Bathroom vanities come with a standard depth of 21”.

Q: Do the base cabinets have finished matching toe-kicks?

A: Matching toe-kick must be purchased for base cabinetry with the exception of vanities that come standard with toe-kick.

Q: Do you offer soft close doors and drawers?

A: Pius does offer soft close drawers and doors on almost all of our cabinetry styles. Upgrades are available for cabinetry styles that do not come with this standard feature at an additional cost.

Q: What is the difference between full-overlay and standard overlay?

A: Full-overlay extends the full length of the cabinet frame and will allow more space inside of the cabinet, while standard overlay requires at least ¾” on each side of the door to open properly.

Q: Will Pius demo my existing cabinetry?

A: Pius will not demo existing cabinetry.

Q: Do you offer cabinet refacing?

A: No, Pius does not offer refacing.

Q: Do you offer door samples?

A: For a refundable deposit of $50.00 per door sample customers are able to check out door samples for any style of their choosing.

Q: Will Pius install my cabinetry?

A: Yes, we do offer installation with a labor minimum of $750.00 (roughly 10 cabinets). Pius will not be responsible for installing items not listed on the invoice. Please see the Cabinet Installation Acknowledgement Form for more information about our installation policy.

Q: What if items are missing from my order for either delivery or pick-up?

A: Please let a Pius representative know as soon as possible if items are missing from your order however, chances are we are aware and will contact you shortly with an update.

Q: Why are some items out-of-stock?

A: We offer items in-stock so that customers are able to move forward with their remodels without extended wait times on their items. However, occasionally items are out-of-stock due to high demand. We try to inform customers of any delays as soon as possible.

Q: What are your standard vanity sizes?

A: We offer the following standard sizes for vanity options. All of the sizes listed come in any cabinetry style displayed in our showroom.

24”, 30”, 36” L/R, 42” L/R, 48” & 60”’s with single or double sink options.

Q: I have a contractor. Can I use their resale certificate/get contractor pricing? 

A: No, resale certificates cannot be used unless the customer purchasing is the certificate holder. While we do offer unbeatable prices to all customers, customers without resale permits do not receive contractor pricing.

Q: Something changed in my layout, how do I go about exchanging cabinets?

A: First, let your sales associate know and they will be able to assist you with the exchange. Customers who decide to exchange or return cabinets for any reason will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Customers must first complete a return cabinet form prior to drop off. Any cabinets that have been modified or installed will not be acceptable for return or exchange. Special order items are not refundable.

Q: When do the installers arrive?

A: For cabinet installations installers will typically arrive between 9:30am- 1:00pm unless the installer specifies a different window directly with the customer.