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Integrated Bathroom Sink

Integrated Bathroom Sink

Material: Glazed Kiln Fired Ceramic

Looking for something simple, easy to install, and even easier to clean? Look no further than our Integrated Bathroom Sink. Pairing countertop and sink into one piece, this series is designed to go with standard vanity configurations (up to 48") for a bright and quick vanity finish.


Includes integrated sink and countertop portion -- single faucet hole only.

  • Specifications

    24": Overall Size: 25"W x 22"T [NOMINAL], Minimum Cabinet Size: 24"W

    30": Overall Size: 31”W x 22”T [NOMINAL], Minimum Cabinet Size: 30”

    36": Overall Size: 37”W x 22”T [NOMINAL], Minimum Cabinet Size: 36”

    48": Overall Size: 49”W x 22”T [NOMINAL], Minimum Cabinet Size: 48”

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