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What to expect next

First time remodeling a kitchen with Pius?


We understand huge projects can be daunting. So we have provide this short guide to help you best prepare for your future project with Pius!

double check your invoice

At Pius, we understand the invoice is long. It's to ensure you have everything you need to make your dream kitchen a reality. We also include a list of items the the invoice does not include. Contact your sales if you need help walking through your invoice. 

preparing for pick up

Make sure you have the adequate vehicle and protection required to pick up any material. First head to any of our showroom locations for a pink packing slip and barcode.

schedule your project

Paying for your invoice allows you to schedule your dates. 

Please call 206.382.6638 and press [3] for our scheduling department; or you can email with a list of dates you wish to start your project and reference your invoice number.

preparing for delivery

Make sure walkways are protected and have enough clearance. Drivers Arrange their routes each morning. As a result we cannot guarantee delivery times. Your driver will arrive between 9am to 6pm.  If you have not paid White glove, your cabinets will be left on your covered porch, garage or doorstep. 

measure twice, cut once

Sometimes things do not go according to plan. If you have any changes to your house floor plan, double check your measurements after final drywall is done. Let your sales know a week prior to pick up or delivery should you need to change sizes to avoid restocking fees.

preparing for installation

We can still change things a week before your scheduled pick up or installation date, subject to inventory. However, you need to email your sales person and/or come into the store to make any changes. Also note you can only get a max of two (2) change orders without a design fee.


Have any questions ? Get in touch to learn more.

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